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Vampire Batman VS Zombie Spider-Man
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Episode 001 Bonus
Vampire Batman VS Zombie Spider-Man BR
Air Date: October 31st, 2018
Animator: Armondew 9000!

The Wind

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     Vampire Batman VS Zombie Spider-Man is the first bonus episode of Battle Royale, pitting Vampire Batman from DC Comics against Zombie Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. Batman was voiced by Viewtiful Valentine, while Spider-Man was voiced by GaoGaiKingTheGreat.

Description Edit

In a special Halloween-themed BONUS episode of Battle Royale, the guardians-turned-monsters of the night fight for superiority! We've seen Batman and Spider-Man go at it before, but as a heedless vampire and savage zombie, who will claim the other as their next meal? On this night of fright, we find out: It's Showtime!

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(Cue: Cross Riff - Ray Casarez)

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Trivia Edit

  • The connection between Vampire Batman and Zombie Spider-Man is that they are alternate versions of the famous superheroes who have become the aforementioned infamous types of monster. They also try to resist the hunger that their new states bring.
  • This is the first episode of Battle Royale Bonus, episodes of Battle Royale that are requested by patrons of the show. This episode was requested by D180223, who also helped casting and writing it.
  • This episode is technically the first episode with a returning combatant, as Batman was already featured in an earlier episode, where he fought against the Punisher.
  • This episode featured a post-credits scene, where Revo, the channel's mascot, finds F.A.C.T.S.'s discarded body after Rick, Manny and Chelsea had already moved to a different location. This scene serves as an in-story explanation to the channel's hiatus, and as a way to introduce Revo to the limelight.
    • This is also the first major speaking role of Revo, introducing her official voice actor in Elle "PlushLily" Adams.
    • Also, this scene marks the return of Speakonia as F.A.C.T.S.'s voice actor, albiet only for a few moments. This is explained to be the result of Rick, Manny and Chelsea taking its voice chip with them to the new location, and lasts until Revo finds a backup voice chip for it to use.
  • Appropriately, this fight was released on Halloween.
  • The episode vaguely refers to Batman VS Spider-Man, an episode from another VS debate series Death Battle, when it was said the match-up seemed similar.