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Leone VS Yang
Beautiful Blonde Brawlers
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Leone VS Yang
Air Date: TBA
Animator: SunGod
Previous Episode: Unknown

     Leone VS Yang is the seventh episode of Battle Royale, and the fifth episode of the first season, pitting Leone from Akame ga Kill! against Yang Xiao Long from the RWBY series.

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(Cue: Cross Riff - Ray Casarez)

Rick: "From the earliest times in human history, people have been naturally equipped with the most easily convincing weapons imaginable: their own fists. Ever since we first learned to 'communicate' with trading blows, it's gone from just an effective way to delivering a message to becoming one of the most satisfying ways to see a person get roughed up. And there are plenty of people and characters who know exactly how to look good while laying down a good beating. Like today's brawl-happy blond-haired bombshells."

Manny: "I'm Manny, and I'll be researching Leone, Night Raid's Lionelle-weilding assasin from Akame ga Kill."

Chelsea: "I'm Chelsea, and I'll be researching Yang Xiao Long, the adventure loving huntress-in-training from RWBY."

F.A.C.T.S.: "I am the Fight Analysis and Conclusion Tolerance Software, or F.A.C.T.S for short, and I will be determing the victor with their research taken into account."

Rick: "And I'm Rick Rocker! And this, ladies and gentelmen, is Battle Royale!"

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  • The connection between Leone and Yang is that they are team brawlers with similar characteristics, such as long blonde hair and well developed bodies. They have both also lost limbs at some point and reached a more powerful more when dealt enough damage.
  • This episode's reveal music is Smile - RWBY.